Idea: Make it easy to add a section in the middle of a page

I often want to add a section/group in the middle of the page and have to manually move all of the elements on a page a certain number of pixels further down (after resizing the page itself). This can be tedious for long pages where I can’t easily select everything at once and/or can’t see what’s selected all at once. And, I often end up needing more or less space than originally intended so I have to do it a few times. It’d be really convenient if Bubble added a feature to, say, “Move all elements above/below this element x pixels down/up.”

Would anyone else find this valuable?


Its a nice idea, although if you have multiple columns/ grids based design it might not work as expected. Maybe something like all elements above/below this element X pixels down/up in a given group could be useful. Might need some more thinking to handle the responsive rendering, but definitely a plus one on the idea.