(Idea) Wishlist feature: Button "Move to top" to better order action fields in plugin editor

Currently, working with an action that has 100+ fields in the plugin editor is hell with only the “move up” or “move down” buttons. Having “move to top” and a “move to bottom” button would greatly improve this.

Bonus point if we could just type in the index position like “1” and then the field becoming the first in the order or maybe drag and drop (if easier to implement). Would be pure bliss to set the index with a number. The input box bound to parent can stay besides the field name :smiley:

At this moment, moving a newly created field to the top or somewhere in the middle of the other fields is taking way way too long. To the point that I gave up putting up new features I already had coded that would depend on these new fields.

Edit: Beeping @neerja @emmanuel @josh


Ya been there done that. Real annoying!

+1 Plugin builders really need this!

I’m still waiting for this to be fixed.