Ideaboard: Allow for Plugin Server Side Actions to be used as Data

Pitching the idea to use SSAs as data in a Bubble app, so some code can be executed in the context of each item in a RG cell for example.

Here’s the link (once it is made public):


it’s kind of possible:

  • create a backend workflow
  • in the wf execute the ssa and return its data
  • use the api connector to make a request to the wf as data

of course your idea would allow to do this much more quickly :slight_smile:


Yea good point :slightly_smiling_face: I actually did this once or twice, but when the # of concurrent requests was like over a handful I saw the console Bubble was returning a 500 error :man_shrugging:

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I think that client side actions being made available as a data would also be very useful. Perhaps more.

If I could suggest an edit to the post:

Instead of specifically asking about plugin SSA or CSA to be available as data, we should simply ask for the ability to create data sources using the plug-in editor (whether server or client side), as opposed to transforming actions into “Data”

For instance, there should be a brand new section in the plug-in editor called “Data Sources” next to actions

:slight_smile: thanks


I was afraid of asking too much from them cause CSA returning data is a feat. of it’s own. I’ll edit it though if it lets me

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It is a feat! However, they are currently adding the ability to return data from custom events. I have a feeling these two are related :wink:

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I asked if we could get a “Elements custom state has changed” event and they said it would likely be bundled in that too