Identify newest item added to a list

Hey Fellow Bubblers.
Im trying to find the most recent item added to a list so I can trigger an API call in a backend workflow and am wondering if you have a suggestion to save my sanity :slight_smile:

  1. I have a page where the marketing team can create Tags (which is a Thing) that are used to group users for marketing purposes

2.The tags are attached to users on a page where the field is autobound, so they can simply list all the users they need to and apply the tags without having to save each time

  1. I have a backend workflow that looks for a change in the number of tags and when User Now’s count is bigger then User Before it triggers an API to send the Tag ID to our marketing app (Active Campaign)

My problem is that I can’t find a way to order the tags or work out how they are ordered by Bubble. I get random result when I sort with :first: or :last not sure modified date is stored within the list field

Here’s my workflow


What Im looking for is to have the single list item that was most recently added to the list - I can do the rest from there. Any help appreciated and a learning experience for me as well :slight_smile:

Cheers - John

Are you looking for the date of the Tag … i.e. when it was created?

or the date that THIS tag was created ON THE use group?

So … tag RABBIT is added on 1st January.

On 1st March it is added to a User Group as a new tag?

Which date?

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

I really want to know what was added to the list last, so I can send this tag to Active campaign

My logic is if I can order the list by the date items were added per user this will work for me (ie your March option) but if theres a way to do a differential on the list and identify the one and only item thats changed that would be better because then I could have a trigger to check the reverse as well.

Ah, yes. You can’t do that unless you create a new type.


User Group
List of Group-Tags

new type

Date Created etc

Then you can sort by Date Created in Group-Tag.

This is probably easier. So take the NOW and do a :minus list of the BEFORE.


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@NigelG Many thanks. Never even thought about creating a new type (Slaps forehead)

but :minus list is exactly what I wanted and gives me the solution for checking the reverse too. Thanks again! :+1: