If my map shows no markers then display google markers

Anyone know where I can find either a topic in the forum or maybe you can explain it here on how I can…

Show the markers in my database, if my database doesn’t have markers in the area that the person is looking in, then it shows the google places API markers for a type of business.

I.E (Location is searched, IF location has markers in the area from my database, THEN Display markers, ELSE take from Google Places API markers of a specific type of business that i specify in the area that was searched)

I tried to do this with conditional formatting but it doesn’t let me change much in the way of markers or data type that I’m pulling from. Any thoughts?

I really don’t think i will have much success if my maps have no markers on it whatsoever. Not a very good selling point to try to convince people to use my app. :slight_smile:

The website so you can see what I mean is www.zipmobilecarwash.com

Thanks. I love bubble because this forum is so great! :slight_smile: Everyone is so helpful.

Thanks in advance.

What you could do is have two maps, with different markers.

Then display them based upon the :count of locations.

Ya. That was what I was going to try to do. I was really hoping that there was a better way to do this just on one map. I wanted them to be able to move the map around to view another location. I guess I will have to keep working on some kind of work around. Thanks Nigel.

Well, in that case you could use a :merge and combine two lists of addresses onto your map.

The 2nd list will need to be dynamic, so that when there are no entries in list 1 then it fills with places.

Get the two lists working first, then just put them on the map.

That sounds like what i need. Merge… hmm. Any ideas on how to do that? I have been playing around with getting a list from google places but haven’t gotten it to work yet. Merging doesn’t seem to like when the two types are different. Any suggestions? I don’t necessarily want to combine my database with google. I would still like to keep the data separate somehow. Thanks for your help @NigelG