If the Custom Set is a datatype with multiple fields

If the Custom States is a datatype with multiple fields, can I “Set the Custom States” by fill in its different fields in the “Value” box ?

Would like to know as well, one time I tried this and I don’t think it did anything because it wasn’t a real database thing yet.

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@mikeloc @adamhholmes any idea ?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand the question…

Can you elaborate, or give a specific example of what you mean?

I don’t think I understand the question, either. In general, though, a custom state that has a state type of a custom data type is only a thing in that data type… it is not the thing’s fields. So, I’m pretty sure the answer to your question is no, but like Adam said, a specific example (including screenshots, if possible) would help here.

Maybe I misread your post…

A custom state is just an empty slot for a real thing in your database, so doing Make changes to a thing and picking the custom state, and making changes to those fields won’t actually do anything if the custom state is empty.

I don’t know if there is way to do this right now, but I wish you could make a fake thing in a custom state, make changes to that fake thing’s field, then have an action to convert it to a real database item later.

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@tylerboodman… I am likely missing the point here, but if you are talking about a single fake thing, couldn’t you have as many custom states as you need that correspond with the fields in the data type where you will eventually create the thing, update the custom state values as much as you want, and eventually create a thing in the data type and set the thing’s fields to the custom states’ values?


Ya that would prob work for a single thing.

Gets a little weird cause one time I wanted to start creating a list of Phone Numbers each with fields like Contact (Contact datatype), Number, Ext, Label. But you can’t create these fake Phone Number objects and store them in a list (with Vanilla Bubble anyway, prob Floppy would work).

And you can’t set that parent Contact field if your Contact is also a fake object that doesn’t exist yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Yes this could all be done in the actions when you actually go to create these Things but would be a nice concept I think

Maybe all of this is what @WildlyOptimistic meant


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