If you could direct the Bubble AI team to work on something else, what features would you build?

So, following on from that product strategy thread, I was curious what features people actually want. Redesigned elements tree and editor, AI, and mobile ntaive seems to be Bubble’s current focus but I know a lot of us would rather attention was focused elsewhere. I’m going to share my wishlist - I’m interested to hear yours!

If I could steal the AI generation team for a few months (I’d personally steal the mobile team too as I don’t think mobile native Bubble could ever outcompete the other competitors but I know that might be unpopular :wink: ), here’s what I’d want them to do:

  1. Improve reliability of editor, run mode, and general performance.
    Self explanatory. Should be prioritised above all else. I would be so happy if NOTHING was released for the next 6 months but everything in this respect was improved.

  2. Call backend workflows from front-end
    This is currently somewhat possible with the app connector, but is not as straight forward as it should be, and it doesn’t handle any option sets as parameters. We need a native feature that allows us to call a backend workflow, return data from the API, and use that result in the front-end.

  3. Global custom events that take parameters and spit parameters back out
    Possible in the backend now. Returning data from custom events was the biggest and best update Bubble pushed in the last year for me, along with reuseable element properties. It would be great if these global custom events could be used in the front-end. Though, the first feature I suggested would also make this possible.

  4. Improve editor performance drastically. Even more important than run-mode performance for me right now. Spend a short time just squashing the little bugs that are a constant pain in the ass (memory leaks slowing things down over time, sources not always appearing in expression builder, the whole element tree redesign rubbish)

This is what would keep me on Bubble over moving to WeWeb + Xano/Supabase. Not the editor redesign, or AI, or even mobile native!


I’d agree with all 4 of those… but for me the big 5 areas where bubble seriously falls short are:

  1. Zero control over which gets returned from the database (i.e. ALL data from a thing is returned).

  2. Only very basic search/sort capabilities - anything beyond the most basic search and sort operations cannot be done on the database, and have to be done client-side - making many fairly standard operations inherently unscalable on Bubble.

  3. The need for redundant data - because of the two points above, there is very often a need in Bubble to duplicate data, for sorting purposes, or for privacy rules, and for using ‘satellite’ datatypes in an attempt to reduce the data size.

  4. No proper looping functionality at all (aside from recursive workflows, which can only really be done on the backend)

  5. No ability to work with Objects aside from Bubble objects (database, options, and API data)… which in terms of being able to expand Bubble’s functionality, or try and work around it’s limitations with custom code (or even with plugins) is probably the most frustrating part of Bubble (at least for the kind of apps I build).

Sure, there are some ‘hacky’ workarounds for all of the above, some more effective than others, but for me at least, these are 5 fundamental things that any sersious development platform should have as standard…

These were all being discussed in this forum when I first started using Bubble 5/6 years ago, and not one of them has actually been addressed in all that time.

If Bubble could address those (and the 4 things you’ve mentioned already) it would be a seriously awesome platform, virtually unmatched…

But, these kind of things don’t seem to be on their radar… which is fair enough - it’s their product, they can build it how they like - but it’s becoming increasing clear to me over the past year or so in which direction Bubble is heading, and who their target audience is…


I’m curious why you say that? I agree with your focus areas but this has been my main need since I found bubble back in ‘17. I was happy to read that they were finally going to put some energy in this direction. I’m frustrated though because they refuse to tell me whether or not it will work offline. Seems to me a simple question to answer.

That being said, who are the mobile competitors that make you think that bubble is wasting their time? Maybe I could combine the two?

Thanks for your response.

Editor and hosting reliability

Turn one of the teams into an actual QA team. You can’t convince me some of these recent pushes have had any QA beyond the devs who built it. There are bugs that are so explicitly easy to find and pushed anyway. So either they were ignored or just not tested.

Client side front end loops (why must we be charged WU for backend tasks or use a looping plugin to do simple tasks on lists).

Turn one of the teams into a WU optimization team (goes with the client side loops). From a customer satisfaction standpoint WU shouldn’t have been made the standard when the system still has countless bugs, many don’t even seem like edge cases. 6 mo left before all legacy users are forced onto a broken system that still doesn’t have adequate notifications due to bugs.

Speed up database interaction/filtering/etc, firebase and other options are literally hundreds of times faster than bubbles database. It feels like we are playing with 2000s tech in 2024…

Editors and hosting reliability…again.

Lastly…editor & hosting reliability.


You’ve wanted it since 7 years ago, they announced it like 6 months ago, and you think it’ll possibly outcompete platforms that were designed for it like Flutterflow within a year or two when looking at how development has gone in the last 6 months? That’s my logic at least, haha.

Forgot this. Yes, with WU, it’s even more important. Performance would be big too. If we could just select the fields in a search, surely Bubble could work out what fields we can access in the expression editor? e.g RG that returns two fields, referencing RG’s list should only give those two fields as options.

Too right. Front-end objects or being able to create Things without saving them to DB would be so powerful. And returning data from plug-in actions!


I"d also agree with this…

I’ve seen some people in the forum getting excited about this… but given Bubble’s track record of releasing new features (or not)… I wouldn’t be too hopeful about having working Native app building functionality in Bubble any time soon.

Given their past record, I’d guess we’ll see a Beta release for this, in the later part of this year, that falls woefully short of expectations, full of bugs, and ill thought out.

It will be in Beta for at least 9-12 months… when it’s finally released (assuming it does get released), we’ll be well into 2025, heading into 2026, and the the competition (dedicated Native app builders, who’ve been in the game for years) will be so far ahead, it will hardly be worth using Bubble for native apps.

Either that or they’ll try to rush it into production, in which case we may well see it released this year… but we all know what that will be like in terms of bugs etc…

I think Bubble should stick to what they are… (a no-code web app builder).


I agree, I’m betting release Q4 this year, useable by Q4 2025, by which time something better will be leagues better.


Agreed. Over/under is likely Jan 2026. At which point phone apps, according to some experts, will be as popular as MySpace.

Even if they pull it off by then and even if apps are still front and center in the tech world, whos to say AI won’t be able to build a native app in 20 minutes by then (consider NVIDIA’s progress over the last 21 months and double it for the next 21 months and it looks very very possible).

And even if AI cant do it and even if FF and co haven’t momopolized the market → Bubble is still dedicating the bulk of the resources for years on this while the house is burning… :fire: