I'm almost giving up

I’m almost giving up .

I have a Repeater Group where I have the “Sales dates” and I need to make a filter that only takes the month of the sale when it is selected in the Drop Down. I’m not getting it at all

The “Date of sale” is being inserted into the database as DATE type,

Did you go through all the training videos? Did you watch a bunch of Intro Youtube videos?

Start there, it explains a lot. Then it’s pretty much intuitive after that for this basic stuff.

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Hi there, @kaiquepicasso… here is a quick example where an option set is used to define the months for the dropdown, and the option set has an attribute to define each month’s number.

Then, to do what you described (if I even understand your post correctly), you would need to use an advanced filter to extract the month from the sale date and compare it to the number of the month selected in the dropdown. So, something like this.

If you have never used advanced filters before, be aware that the filtering happens on the client (browser) side. So, the search is going to return all of clients that meet the search criteria (which will be all of the clients in your database, if you don’t have any constraints on the search), and then the filter will be applied. As you can imagine, there could be a performance impact with this approach.

Now, opinions vary on what I am about to propose, but if filtering by month is important in your app, I might suggest saving the month number to a separate field on the client so you can avoid the advanced filter and simply use a search constraint. Some folks don’t like the idea of extra fields, but I never shy away from them if/when they drive important functionality.

Hope this helps.



What you would do is add that Dropdown’s value in the RG’s source.

Meaning: the RG’s source is a search that takes a few conditions. To only show installations of that month, what you can do is add 2 filters:

  • installation date >= dropdown's month
  • installation date <= dropdown month

It looks like you will also want to filter for more things. To do that, I would look at @AndrewV 's searching chaining video:

FYI: you’ve got a typo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s ‘inStalacao’ (or ‘instalação’)

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