I'm freelancing! 🚀

Due to personal health had to leave bubble for a couple of months. Actually, I have some free time.

Many know me as plugin developer:

(Now supported by Zeroqode, as said I couldn’t keep updating/supporting plugins due to the mentioned health issues).

I have huge experience in UI/UX, helped to develop many apps.

If you need help, send me a PM 🙋‍♂


I’m glad that you’re feeling better. :smile:

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Nice to have you back!

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I’m glad you’re doing better and thanks for all the contributions to the Bubble ecosystem!

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So glad to hear that you’re feeling better and welcome back, @yusaney1! :slight_smile:

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Can you contact me at arrie@bagij.om. please?

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Hello @yusaney1, do you think you could create a plugin for me where I could convert an HTML (with images) to one single image?

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hi there, looking for some help for my mvp. please reach out - mmdanilo@icloud.com
thank you. Danilo

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@richard.h Why don’t open your own freelancer post? I don’t get why posting in every thread :-1:


100% Recommended! Developer is very accommodating to make sure we get the exact thing we want on how our plugin works.

Hi ! You make an awesome work ! :slight_smile:

Do you think it’s possible to get google my business reviews to a bubble app ?

@yusaney1 glad your back to full health! If you are still looking for freelance work shoot me an email: skylor@ualberta.ca

I’d highly recommend @yusaney1.

Redu was great to work with - very responsive, quick and super helpful in putting together a payments plugin for us. Will be definitely using him again down the track if we ever need any new work done in this space.

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So glad I had Redu as my project’s developer.
I’d 100% recommend @yusaney1!
redu 2
Redu was very responsive, quick and overall very accommodating to make sure we put together the exact things we want on how our plugin works. I’ve asked him to build a mobile app and was kinda rushed due to the deadline of the project, however, Redu got everything done even before the proposed deadline! The app’s UI and functionalities that he built were smooth and the designs were identical to what I have proposed beforehand. In addition to that, he even made a video detailing all of the steps involved in the app’s development since I have little experience with Bubble.io myself.

I would highly recommend the developer to anyone who wants to get their project done quick yet finely designed. Will definitely reach him again if I ever need any new work done in Bubble.io

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