Image Sliders - Anyone found a nice working one?

Hi everyone!

My site uses a plug-in called Advanced Image Slider at “

The problem is, whenever filters are updated on the caterer-search page, the list of pictures for each vendor doesn’t reset, then add the current cell’s vendor. Instead, it just adds the new cell’s vendor to the list, so the list of images increases and are obviously not related to that vendor.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Or another recommendation for a plug-in that has the navigation dots at the bottom?

Thanks everyone!

Did you approach plugin developer with this question? Maybe @MindForApps could help you.

Thanks Vladmir - just sent them a message.

I actually managed to get the images removing so they don’t add up, but if the user returns to the original search criteria, let’s say, they search the original locaiton… then NO pictures load. So the remove image workflow that they supply seems to remove the image entirely - vary strange!

Well, I never tried it, maybe there’s some justification under this behavior or it’s a bug, they should clarify, I think.