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Image transitions when page is scrolled

I would like my images to transition into view (ie. fadein, slidein etc) when the user hits various scroll points on the page.

I have managed to make the image simply appear by using conditionals eg. “when current page scrolling position > 800”.

However, there is no support to create the fadein/slidein etc

A custom workflow doesn’t seem to work either.

Any ideas?

Did you try the animation option in workflows?

Yes, however it was more of the trigger of the workflow that is the issue. It doesn’t seem to work when setting up a custom workflow and using “when current page scrolling position > 800”

One way to do this would be to create a 1px by 1px transparent object. Set it to conditionally appear when the scroll position is > 800. Then set a workflow to Animage the image when that 1px by 1px object is visible.


Thank you. I was thinking along those lines as a workaround. I was thinking (hoping) that I’d missed a trick to something I thought might have been straightforward

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You’re welcome.