Image uploader issue

Hi All.

I get the following error msg when uploading files via uppy uploader. What is strange is that the images upload correctly and show in the database list, but when I select the item and click “see” I get the message.

Uploaded files are working fine.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



I am experiencing the same issue. Did you find a solution by any chance?

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Same here

I’m using an HTML to PDF API

Hi there,
any luck with this issue? I’m facing the same thing. If I upload directly to App data, I am able to show in my repeating group but going through multi-file uploader does not work.

Do you use Attach To or Make Private when uploading files?

Not using either. I’m using multifile uploader though.

I don’t see any issues if make private is disabled.
Might there be some privacy rules that block access?
Or there might be some breaks in parent group thing chain when you nest groups inside repeating group cell.
There could be other reasons, I’m just guessing without seeing your setup, but generally, it works just fine for me.

Thanks. I didn’t set any privacy rule for it. The data is public visible by default.
I notice that when I use a normal image uploader to upload instead of using mulfi-files uploader, the files seem to be ok (saved to the same data field).

Can you post couple of links to images that don’t work?
I mean, those you have uploaded using multifile uploader and didn’t yet delete.

Ah, copying the link, i realized the issue it probably it calls all photos as one photo so the name is not readable.
I tried using separate image uploaders instead which seems to work. Just consuming a bit more space.