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Images are not as sharp as icons

@emmanuel we have noticed that whenever we insert an image on the page it’s not as sharp as opposed to using a built-in icons. We tried high res, we tried different sizes etc but we could never achieve the same quality.

Please see the screenshot - the icons on the far left and far right are from Bubble, the 2 in the middle are inserted as images.

Hope you can see the difference,
Is there any way to improve this?


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That’s a common thing on the web. Icon fonts work better than images, for any site, not just Bubble. Use icons when you can, it’s def better.

Thanks, i see. Would you consider adding more icon sets on a request or that would have to be sponsored?

We already have ionic, google material and fontawesome, so that’s quite comprehensive. For more that’d indeed would be on a sponsored basis I think.

If you can convert your images into .svg files, that will help with the fuzziness. I’ve got svg’s all over my app and it made a huge difference.


we’ll give it a try, thanks a lot!

yeah icon fonts use the same format.

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Convert image to SVG should do it?

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yes, in my experience, svg format is the best solution


svg worked great! thank you all for your advises!