Imgix API Face Detection Prototype

Hi there,

I just wanted to share my prototype with the Imgix API for everyone who is not fully satisfied with the build in functionalities of Imgix in Bubble.

By connecting to Imgix via the API Connector you can access basically all Imgix features…

Here an example of the Imgix Face Detection

Looking forward to comments, questions and feedback…

Happy Weekend everyone!



Really cool cajudick to see you can use more advanced imgix features.
Building an app with imgix functionality.
I’m a bubble newby, any good resources/tutorials you can recommend on this?

Hi @frederiklamote

Thanks. A good start to working with APIs is probably the Etsy Tutorial (“Use the Etsy API from Bubble”) from Bubble here:

Once you are connected to the API you can refer to the IMgix Developer documentation

Not sure if that is what you are looking for. I started Bubble not too long ago either and what helped me is this forum :slight_smile: and a real world example of an App meaning you should have a goal and on the way you have many specific questions which hopefully can be answered here as well…

If you have specific questions to the Imgix API just put it here and I will try to answer…


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Hi Cajudick,
Thx so much for the information!
Still struggling to find the right information in the imgix documentation as described in the Etsy tutorial.
Maybe possible to take a screenshot of your API connector settings?

Here you go… (parameter faceindex ist just to flip through the faces in my specific example)