Imgix with private image

Hi bubblers,

I didn’t find answer for this question in the forum.
Imgix doesn’t work with some of my images ( stored in s3 from de the croppie plugin). I just realize that it is related to my private files.

When I attach the file to a thing in my database (both uploading with croppie or the bubble uploader) it returns a different link than the s3 :…X, and imgix doesn’t work with those pictures.

My question is : is it a bug or a casual issue. In that case, is it impossible to process with imgix while applying privacy on image ?

Thanks by advance for your answers

Same problem here. Any thoughs?

Same here, it is only with Private images.

Seems strange as ideally for user images you want to store them securely using the private method. This issue with imgix prevents them being displayed correctly.

Is this an issue or is there a workaround?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bumping this up as well. I have the same issue here.

Hey all,

It wouldn’t hurt to report it as a bug and see what the Bubble Success Team says about it.