Importing date from the Random User Generator API

Hi All - first question.

I am trying to import the DOB data from the Random user generator API and it shows in the docs:

“dob”: {
“date”: “1975-11-12T06:34:44Z”,
“age”: 42

But when I go to try to create records in my bubble database, into my field called DOB and of Date type, it will not allow me to just import as
DOB= Current cells Generate List of users results dob in my workflow .

DOB = Current cell’s Generate List of Users result’s dob

Thanks - i am anxious to get user data into my bubble app to start seeing data. Every other field is importing okay. I looked at truncate and trim thinking it might be giving me too much data, but… not sure.

Best - Craig

When you see red text, that’s the ISSUE CHECKER telling you there is an issue. The Issue Checker will tell you EXACTLY WHAT THE PROBLEM IS… even better than I could.


Well, in the API Connector, tell Bubble to expect a Date here rather than a text or number, eh @hikaru?

Yes, I understand that, but it was not revealing any useful information.

Interestingly the API returns things like user Login username
“login”: {
“uuid”: “c4168eac-84b8-46ea-b735-c9da9bfb97fd”,
“username”: “bluefrog786”,
“password”: “ingrid”,

but in dob it only shows dob not dob date so I think the API changed and the plug in did not?

“dob”: {
“date”: “1975-11-12T06:34:44Z”,
“age”: 42

So i think the plug in is not delivering the objects so it needs to be updated.

Thanks - I will contact the Plugin Owner! Thanks all

Further/ This plugin has not been updated since the API Changed:

Version 1.2


  • Fixed DOB and Registration dates to use ISO 8601 standard (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ)
  • DOB and Registration dates are now objects that include age

It’s not obvious to me that Bubble understands this date representation. (Also, does that even matter? These are made up users, after all. Why get hung up on this? Just make some damn Users.)

To close up on this, the bubble author, Gaby - updated the Random User Generator so that it now has the updates of supporting Version 1.2 and now supports DOB:date and DOB:age, so it is working great for me now. Thanks Gaby!

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