Improve your Bubble webpage speed

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on a new product that can improve page speed for Bubble (for both users and crawlers). You can signup for the waiting list on: Waitinglist

Here are the results for Bubble homepage (improved by PageRabbit):

Compared to Native Bubble (without PageRabbit):

You can test it out on PageRabbit - for your own website.

Here is also a loom with a a quick demo:

And here is a more extensive demo if you have more time:

Signup on: Waitinglist


Screen Shot 2024-07-08 at 7.17.16 PM

The demo links are not added

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Thanks. Just fixed the embeds!

Thanks just watched the quick demo

You mention about not loading fonts…does this change the visual appearance of the pages as a user would see them at all and how fast they load for the user, or is it all just set up to allow for better performance scores via Google crawlers?

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Ab Advany , I have been bookmarking your posts in Twitter too , love your work been following your work on WU reducer . Can you please list all the cases that this wouldn’t work

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Great question.

We have 3 optimizations.

First one is only for crawlers (it takes 1 minute to implement). That makes pages faster for crawlers and we only load whats needed.

Second is for users and thats discussed in the extensive demo. That allows you to load pages with data from bubble in 50-100ms for users

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Currently private data. So data thats only visible to one or a set of users.

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I don’t get it , lets say I will load 2 seperate data tables 1 is private 1 is public using pagerabbit , will private one be loaded by bubble and public one by pagerabbit ? . Does private data gets crawled
too ?

Private data is something that only logged in users see. So that won’t be crawled using pagerabbit or bubble :slight_smile:

Comparison of using PageRabbit:

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Hey Ab,
also following you on twitter.

Any timeline for the waitlist?

PS: Pagespeed score went from 25 → 98 :star_struck:

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Hi Stefan,

I am going slow on purpose. I want to make sure I solve it and scale it properly without any downtime!

But General Availability will be in august!

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I ading more stats to the comparison tool:

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Oh sorry , I thought you meant privacy rules applied data types . Well than thats awesome

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Does this replace WU reducer or is this a completely separate product?

This appears to be the same principles that AMP pages use?

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Hi there,

Yes this will replace WU reducer!

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Here are more details on how it works:

Very interesting! Is it possible to combine the 3 modes?

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Jup! Thats the idea!

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