Improved Multi Select Property Editor

Just released: improvements to the property editor when you select more than one element. This change brings it in line with how the PE works on a single element, adding all of the responsive settings and the layout tab. The change removes the “Apply to all elements” step needed to apply any changes.

Here’s a before and after Property Editor for two text elements on a row layout page:


Thanks. But I am really surprised that people are asking for this and other such features more compared to other critical features around performance, WU-debugging, List actions, expression editing, workflow sequencing UX, Improving ux of standard elements or adding more elements etc and many other such capabilities that enable us to do more, reduce complexities and improve performance.

Of course this is assuming features are being rolled out with customer feedback in mind.


With 100 employees they prob just work in parallel, so some devs work on editor UX while others on WUs :slightly_smiling_face:


My points began with WU related elements, but they were not limited to those.

I am surprised even with editor UX that this and other a few recent items have come out on top in terms of being shipped.

Here’s one idea on editor UX which drives more people nuts than what is enabled here:

Then this date formatting:

And disabling buttons temporarily:

And searching for option set’s attribute:

Or history for undo button:

There are plenty of those.

I understand that complexity of each change is different, and also that some of the small changes serve as foundation for future big changes, but I am still surprised with what comes out.

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We do small editor-UX papercuts regularly. Those links have some ideas, and there are tons more for different pain points across the editor. If you’re wondering why the multi-PE now, it’s a pain point for the table element we’re working on (lots of repetitive cell-by-cell manipulation).


To each their own, I guess. Of the examples you provided, none are too appealing to me and I have multiple large Bubble apps I work on daily… However, this particular feature for multi select is a useful addition for me as this saves me clicks from pages where I have lots of groups with inputs that need editing at once. Does it happen frequently? Nah, but I enjoy little UX updates like this that save me a few clicks every now and then.

This isn’t to discredit your opinion - Just providing my 2 cents.


Thanks. Yes, like I mentioned earlier, I did guess some of these features could be because they serve as foundation for future big changes. Good to know that it is for table element feature, which I do think is a good addition.

Yes, that’s the reason I have maintained in all my posts that I am surprised to see how many people ask for some of those features. To me “Ability to do more”, “Ability to implement simply”, “Ability to improve performance”, “Ability to save my time significantly” etc. are more important factors.

Surely others would have other factors important to them.

And that definitely makes job tough for Bubble, to build things which appeal to majority. I do realise the challenge. I was merely surprised at some of the choices.

But like @ryan.prendergast clarified, it is more of a foundation for another bigger feature, and that seems as a good reason to me. I had realised it for some of the other small features too that they were more of a preparation for other bigger features.

Huge quality of life improvement! :blush: Love these small updates! Thanks @ryan.prendergast !

something that should be done is allowing us to set our default element sizes…I can’t tell you how many clicks it takes everyday building that I need to undo the default 320px fix width or the 10% color opacity on shapes etc.

This feature is definitely shipped not through customer feedback as stated, it was shipped because the Table element that is taking so much time required it.

I’m with you @mghatiya there seems to be so many other improvements that could/should be worked on. I personally couldn’t care less about having to click the apply changes button, but I do wish I could click and select multiple elements from the element tree instead of needing to click on them in the canvas so I could select multiple elements to alter…plus would much rather see the ability to ‘group elements in a…floating group, groupfocus, popup or repeating group’ rather than just the group into a group feature.


ok i have to agree with you there @boston85719 :joy: i cant even count how may times i have to click to change the layout of my group and the width, height


Yes, that has to be the single most annoying papercut on a day to day basis, likely a remnant of the old layout engine.…

As for the feature released: great stuff!

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Great work Ryan!