In a form, how to show the first thing?

Data type, Contacts, already has data.

When loading a form for the first time, how to show the first thing (the first record)?

In a Repeating Group, it’s easy; “Current cell’s Name” …

But in a simple form, with all Data Type fields …?

I have a Group with all fields. How to automatically show the first thing that is in the Data Type?

I may need a screenshot to properly understand your question, but if you give your group a data type of contacts, you should be able to use the workflow action Group > Display data to pass the first contact record to the group. Each of your fields would then reference the parent group’s contact - e.g. parent group’s contact’s name/email etc.

Thanks @louisadekoya.

I set the page load in the workflow, in this page:

In Data to Display, do I have to set field by field?

And where do I find the first Thing?

No, you don’t have to send each field - just the record you want to send - in this case the first record. Select Do a search for, put in your constraints, sort the results if necessary and then add :first item

I was being difficult to find …

But I had Bubble’s help, the tip was right there. - 1*

Thanks so much for the help @louisadekoya.

Forget that:

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Once resolved: no action needed on the workflow. This one is clean.

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