In a workflow, how to pass a list of nested data types to the JSON body

I can’t figure this out :confused: Is it possible to pass a list of nested data types to JSON?

I have this data type, it contains two lists (which contain items that contain lists again):

API connector is set up and works with dummy data (I pass empty to my API endpoints):

But I just can’t find an option to pass a list of a users Agent objects to the “agent” key in the JSON body…

Is this even possible? :sweat_smile:

You need to set a list and use :format as text. Create the json payload you need there and use comma for delimiter

I can’t find “set list” in this menu. Could you explain what you mean?

By set list I mean, for example, do a search for.

I don’t know how this can give me a JSON payload of the nested data type

You need to build the json payload in the :format as text function
For example: Do a search for user:format as text
In the first box you will set: {“name”:“this user name(dynamic)”,“email”:"this user email(dynamic)}
In the second box, you put a comma as delimiter
Because it’s a list, be sure to square brackets in API connector or around your do a search for:format as text