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In app purchase with Stripe App

I want to start off by saying I am so new at this I am embarassed however I am learning and enjoying this program. I am trying to create a fitness app where a new person who comes into our gym can download the app and view instructional videos. There is a basics video series already created and will be available for free.

Now when we create new video series we want to be able to pay a small fee to unlock the content. I was thinking of creating a page for the apps library which would have all the content loaded into buttons (which will redirect them to that buttons page). There will be a store where the video name would be and then a button for the user to push to buy. I have been trying to get the stripe app to work for this but I can not seem to get anywhere. I welcome all thoughts and help as this app once completed will have a following or fan base for about 2000+ users.

Are you talking about a mobile web app or a native app? We’re currently in beta for native, which means, for instance, that in-app purchase through the app store (since apple takes its share) doesn’t work well. If you do a mobile web version, it’s more flexible.

Hey @emmanuel, I know you would still suggest building a web app for this kind of functionality, but is it possible to trigger an in app purchase using functionality built in the bubble app?

Ex. User clicks “subscribe” in app, user is prompted to type in their apple id password to pay (either single purchase or subscription).

If so, how would you implement them canceling their subscription?

Thank you

@gpdmop I believe the customer’s subscription agreement is between Apple and your customer. You as the developer have a separate agreement with Apple. Therefore, Itunes is where your subscribers have to try canceling their subscription(s), which is a good thing, since it’s a painful process and not your fault as the app developer.

I don’t think that’d work for native apps, haven’t tested it though.

Ok thanks guys.