Individual clickable tags from a multiple input list?

Is it possible to make tags in a text field, created by a multiple input field, clickable?

I’m building a social network where users can publish posts and add relevant tags to filter content.

When a user creates a post, there’s a multiple input field where they can select relevant topic tags.

These tags are currently displayed just as text on the end-post, but I’d love for each tag to be clickable, directing the users to another page of related content.

Would appreciate any help!

Can you show some kind of visual of this?

In a text field, you can’t make certain text have different actions. You’d need to break it up into multiple text fields. I’m a little confused on your explanation so if you elaborate I’d be happy to help more.


When a user creates a post, they select from a list of static category choices to accompany their post.

Once a post is published, there’s a field that displays this list of tags/categories the user has selected.


I’d like for the categories on the final post to be clickable, which would redirect the user to a feed of posts filtered by the same tag.

Would appreciate any insights.

  1. Make a DB table for all of these categories
  • Ex: Featured Categories
  1. Enter all of these categories as entries into that table
  • Ex: Social Media , SEO, SEM, etc.
  1. Add a field into your Post table
  • Ex: categories (make it a list of categories)
  1. Make the dropdown dynamic (search for Categories)
  2. When a post is published, add a workflow step to add the list of choices selected as entries
  • Ex: Create new post -> Categories -> Set list (Multidropdown A list)

Now for the published post, make a group that houses a repeating group. In the repeating group, you’ll have it be “this post’s categories”. Now you can make each element clickable and add a workflow to take them to similar posts with that category.

Let me know if you follow this. This is a workaround that I’ve implemented in my apps, I’m sure there are other ways to do it as well!


Sounds great, appreciate the help.

Followed your instructions fine until step 4 - setting up the dynamic dropdown.

Having some issues selecting all of the categories as dropdown options.

Would be great to know more on how you’ve configured this in the past.

alternative with a plugin #️⃣ Flat and Modern Tags - New Plugin from Zeroqode

So you made fields for all of those categories.

What you need to do is just make one field in “Featured Categories” such as “Category” as a text field.

Then actually add all those categories as entries in your DB.

Yes you can, using html and javascript.


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