Information storage chat system

Hello everyone, I’m looking to create a chat app that can store informations for a user. So I’m looking to allow the user to able store any information and also be able to ask for the information from a specific time to another time which the system will reply in form of chat to the user with the appropriate details. What I want to ask is how do I train my system to be able to reply to users input to provide appropriate information ?
It’s just like the way we chat with chatGPT, but I want this to be able to store and retrieve content.

Do I need coding for the system’s reply or what ?
Thank you in advance .

Yo can do the database side of things in bubble, storing and retrieving data with simple logic, however to interpret written instructions would require the use of a plugin or API. Your issue is that it would be to easy to misinterpret what the user is after, an input filed is much better for this purpose. I know it sounds frustrating, but the tech just isn’t there yet.


Getting what the user is trying to say is the issue

Try using Alex, Siri or any other AI model and you soon see how far we have to go. Its not just you but all the big corps are struggling to do more than the basics.

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