Input address validation

hello everyone.
Iam using bubble from a couple of weeks and i have a little problem, and i need help.

i have a address input and when the user enter a correct or valid address i need to do a search on the database to see if the address exists. if exist i need to show a message… Iam stuck with this… i try a lot of options, but is not working. Can you help me to resolve this little problem?

this is the input:

and this is the condition to show the message

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Look at using the Google Maps API and having users select from those addresses vs. being able to input any address in any format. If users are able to enter an address in any format then even putting one character different will throw off your validation

  2. You are best to tie the validation check to when the user is trying to submit the data. i.e. if you have a button at the end that says “Submit” then you can as part of that process first check if that address already exists in your database and if it does you don’t let the workflow continue and you return an error message to the user.

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