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Inputs are reverting to a default style?

Hey, I’m noticing in Safari and Chrome my inputs have reverted to some kind of default style - white fill, inset, some other font. It doesn’t show that in the style editor though. My inputs in 2 different apps have transparent backgrounds and other fonts.

If I edit the style in any way (like turn off a border and turn back on), it’ll revert that property to how it should be. But even when I “fix” it, the alien style shows up again in version-test until the input is focused. Any ideas?

Same. Was just about to post about this…

Yes, we’re pushing a fix now, sorry about this.

Should be fine now, let me know if not

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Closer! It fixes itself once focused, but not on page load. And this is in run mode - in edit, it’s still in in that default style.

Can you share a link?

When you click to focus, it sets the style to how it should be. But on load, you’ll see that it has some other style. Editor reflects my style.

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Should be good now

Perfect. Thank you!!

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Interesting site. What’s the concept here? Why aggregate social media usernames?

I feel very passionate about the way we’ve adapted to the explosion of social networks in terms of identity. Usernames are not universal and users of any/all platforms have reacted by displaying a string of icons on their sites/email signatures, etc. It’s become so messy to me. High profile users often fall victim to fake accounts. It’s sometimes difficult to know which accounts are the “official” ones for entities (individuals and organizations alike, regular and celebrity)… I’m creating a directory for usernames. One that relies on OAuth verification to ensure they’re all related to the same entity. It’s meant to be a reliable reference. Not a social network - does not pull in content feeds… it’s just about the usernames. It’s also not a personal homepage or portfolio. It functions like an online directory.

It’s almost ready to go live - I’ll definitely be posting here when it is since I built it fully on Bubble and am very proud of it.

Also - this isn’t based off an algorithm. It’s purely user generated. Obviously the more users who join, the more useful it is.


Great. Best of luck! Sounds interesting. I dig the background.