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Instagram Clone - Need help with messaging

I’m making an Instagram clone, and I want to add messaging to it. I was wondering if there was any way to select bot messages from (Current User) and (User 2)?

Thanks in advance.

My assumption here is that bot is missing an h and you meant to type both and are not actually referring to using a chat bot.

Here is a screen shot from the database structure of my Chat Messaging Template

The Participant-List which is a list of Users in the Chat-Conversation data type enable a lot of functionality.

I rely on the Chat-Conversation data type to display all the messages between both users who are part of the conversation. I use the Creator data field on the Chat-Message data type to track who sent the message, and therefore through process of elimination who received the message.

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This template is amazing!

For anyone looking for messaging templates, I have created a Whatsapp-like messaging app. Click the “Request” button and you will be able to access the editor. Hope this helps.

Hey @danieldcookjr

You can examine our Nocode Bible Pro template for chat feature. It’s not just containing chat feature it’s also containing lots of widgets such as like, follow, bookmark, comment&reply even story feature like Instagram is included in there.

Also, it’s getting new features every month! :star_struck:
Ps: On this month’s update we will improve our chat experience!

You can easily create an Instagram clone using these widgets.

You can test our widgets from this page.

It’s very easy to copy into your app. Copying widgets only takes few minutes. You can watch the video :point_down: and see how easy the copying.

Nocode Bible doesn’t contain just widgets. It’s also contains lots of content in it. Such as API calls, Bubble tips and more!

For more information you can examine:

We also have 2 free templates that contain important tips and will help you use the “Bubble language” efficiently. If you want to learn the “Bubble language” better and improve your knowledge, I suggest you examine these templates.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Thanks, this helps a lot!

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