Installing Sonoff firmware on ESP8266 microprocessor, then use MQTT to send to bubble?

Hi there,

I am working with an esp8266 board, and i would like to install the sonoff firmware on it, because it allows very easy configuration (we use it at work) in an IoT service.
Sonoff firmware:

The cool thing about sonoff is it gives you the ability to configure your development board (i.e. ESP8266) in an easy fashion, which captures the spirit of bubble, by making workflows easy.

Here someone is accessing the development board via wifi with a phone.

However, i would like to connect my development board with bubble, so i can access all the cool features here with the data my development boards can make.

It looks like one needs to establish a MQTT broker to run sonoff. I know this can be done with a simple database in phpadmin. I am not sure how i would do this with bubble? Can someone at support pitch in here and answer whether it would be possible to use bubble as a MQTT broker as is mentioned in this guide? MQTT Client, MQTT Broker, and MQTT Server Connection Establishment Explained – MQTT Essentials: Part 3

Maybe someone is already doing this on bubble? Any tips or help would be a of great help

I haven’t mixed Bubble with IOT before, but I have done a lot of work with both microcontrollers and Bubble. I would suggest using another service like the one you linked for you broker. There are also some open source brokers you could modify. I would suggest setting up your app so that it subscribes to a topic such as sensor_value that the device publishes to. You’ll need to set up a robust device ID system to make sure you know what device is publishing to what topics. Make a similar topic such as control_device that bubble publishes to with the specific device ID in mind for when you want to talk to the device. You’ll need to set up some backend workflows in your bubble app that the broker talks to.