Integer field broken after new feature update

I have a name (text) and mobile number (integer) checkin fields - after the entry (and validation) it triggers workflows.

Since few hours it is not working on lot of our mobile devices. I feel it has something to do with your recent release of a feature:

“Inputs of type Decimal and Integer now have an option to add a thousands-separator as the user types”

Can someone please help what could be the cause of it?

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If you think it’s a bug, I’d go ahead and file a bug report.

This bug affects when used on android app (bubble app wrapped under android app).

Anyone from admin team, really need help on this.

I’m not sure there’s official support for mobile apps yet, but go ahead and file a bug report so the team can look at it.

You should submit a bug report to Bubble Support -

Thank you for quick response. This functionality is super important for my app and I am receiving phone cals from my business customers.

@josh @emmanuel please help this breaks my months of hard work in getting business customers.

This bug is there on android mobile browser (sans android app). I am in touch with the support team and it is disheartening to hear from support that they will not be taking any quick action to rectify this sudden error and will instead see the growth startup shut down owing to this.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated - look forward to bubble community @andrewgassen @louisadekoya

Can you share a link to your app and to the editor? We can’t really help without seeing what’s going on and how it’s built. I’m happy to take a look

Sent link to you privately…thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

I have this exact issue which has only shown up since the new update. I also assumed it was to do with the 1,000 comma. Only happens on mobile version of the app (not android wrap).

What is the issue ? Beyond “not working” ?

Looks maybe like if you select “Show Thousands Separator” then the number is not considered a number (can’t do maths on it) but for that you can have a hidden input field set to that input’s value.

Thanks for you support everyone. The issue has been resolved.

I did not select anything - it broke on its own and now it is resolved. Thanks

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