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Hello all, I have this question:

I want in my web application (marketplace with decorative wooden panels on the walls) to make such a chip, that when the user uploads a photo of the interior of the apartment, he was given a photo of the same apartment, but with a change of material on the walls (the one that was chosen by the customer).

So far, I’m trying to think of something with midjourney, but I’m not sure it’s possible.

I would be grateful if someone could share relevant experiences or ideas on how this can be done (and if it is possible at all).

If you decide to start from scratch, you will need to train your own machine learning model. This is similar to what is done in Photoshop (Beta) with their Generative Fill feature. The model should be capable of recognizing walls in the picture and subsequently replacing them with user-selected items.

Alternatively, you could try to find a third-party service that provides these functions and offers an API. I have yet to come across such services that provide an API. You may only obtain these services if you personally ask them, which may potentially cost a significant amount.

Forget about Midjourney. If this task was achievable using that, we would see interior designers screaming in panic. :grin:

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I was researching something similar last night actually …

Look into OpenAI’s Dall-E2 Image Gen API :

In your bubble app, you’ll need (a plugin) like FabricJS so when your user uploads their photo, they can “paint” (mask) which areas of their wall they want to “change” (show your wooden panel design … or whatever) …

Then bubble can send OpenAI both images (IMAGE & MASK) and OpenAI will return the OUTPUT (as in the image above) …

This should work like photoshops “Generative Fill” as Eugene mentions above, but it’s only theory … you’ll need to (or hire someone) to test this out … and probably have someone build out your workflows for you.

I’m just dropping in, to say “I believe it’s possible” … and steer you in the right direction for further research …

I know I wont be testing it, I actually came into the forum to ask for help myself LOL.

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