Interest in Apple Wallet Passes

Hey everyone,

would somebody be interested in a plugin that allows you to generate Apple Wallet Passes (Coupons, Tickets, IDs etc) from your Bubble application.

Let us know :point_down:

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Did you ever do this plugin @Anticode?

I’d definitely purchase!

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Not yet unfortunately…

Any update? Would love to use this!

We tried developing it but encountered a few problems. Especially that every Wallet card has to be issues by an authority with a valid certificate by Apple

This could be something that the bubble user is required to obtain in order to use the plugin right? I would also be interested in this feature; currently I use bubble to generate a QR code which changes every 30 seconds, which is then used by customers to access office building rooms. They scan the QR code using small camera devices on every door. I’ve always wondered if I could use iOS wallet for this purpose…

I’m also very interested in if someone could develop a plugin for wallet passes (apple and google) - I’m also willing to sponsor some of the dev.

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Interested to buy this plugin…Anyone can make it ??