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Introducing Featurebase, for use on the Bubble Forum

I made this simple app that could be used by everyone that needs help building features in their app. Featurebase basically keeps a list of features and their instructions on how to create them.

I noticed that the comments in the forum we’re giving instructions on how to create curtain app features, so I got the idea to organize those instructions into a database of sort.

Featurebase is really just a demo and I don’t really have much time to build it into something better. That’s why I will make it public, so anyone with a little free time here and there could improve it.

If anyone has ideas or ways to improve it, comment below.


Forgot to put the url.

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looks pretty broken to me

That would be the responsive viewer, I am guessing your viewing it on mobile. I don’t know how to fix that if you do please help.

No, fullscreen on my 13’ macbook.

but i just looked now and it looks correct!

The page is up, but I can’t see any feature…

Great idea by the way

So basically …

Although I think having a youtube video is better than the Ziggeo, as Ziggeo can’t do screen recording. I will add this in at some point.


Nigel already made one

Hi Nigel, I can help improve buildingonbubble by making some aesthetic changes, if you would like.
It’s not necessary, but it could make people more likely to use it.

If not, then here’s a tip… (this will help you design your own apps better too)
The first thing I do, is go to and choose a colour palette that I like, then apply the codes into my designs. It makes a big difference.

Plus, if I use a gradient like you did on buildingonbubble, then I make sure the two colours in the gradient are not too dissimilar. (Use a different shade of the same colour).

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Thanks, yes it does need a redesign as it was knocked together very quickly.

The colour palate came from but it does look a bit odd, thanks for the tip on that site :slight_smile:

No worries, man. I just posted a tip on the forum with a link to that site.

Another thing - I keep forgetting the name of buildingonbubble and before you posted your comment on this thread, I was looking for it for around ten minutes and still couldn’t find it.
I wonder if @emmanuel could provide a way for buildingonbubble to be easier to find.
I’ve saved the bookmark now, but there is no easy way to find it if we don’t remember the name of it.

I haven’t promoted it at all, as was waiting to see what the user response would be.


Didn’t know about, perhaps we could just combine our ideas. I won’t be able to improve featurebase because I have my main project.

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If you let me know what it was you wanted to build, will try to incorporate.

Its suppose to keep a list of instructions on how to build curtain features that could be incorporated in any app, for example a login system.

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Muradamod and Nigel, great work, thanks. Muradamod, it’d be great to browse a list of the items currently in the database without having to know what terms to search for (e.g. on the home page). Or is this already there and I’m just not seeing it?


Actually it does not have any list. I am not sure what to make of it, I just created it because I was hoping to find specify instructions on how to build curtain complex features. The Bubble Forum has instructions but they’re not organized. I thought about copying the comments and organizing them, but that would take a lot of time, not sure if it would be popular with the community or any use.

If anyone has an advice or suggestions please share.

Buildingonbubble has a list … but no search.

But I could add this, as well as a filtering on the categories.

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So just building up a feature list …

Link to Videos (e.g. youtube I will ditch Ziggeo for this)
Search (within Category)
Filter by Category

@muradamod I notice you had a “request feature” option. I quite like that, so I think I will incorporate. So if I am understanding this correctly that is where someone asks how to build a particular block of functionality ?