☕ Introducing Monthly --Bubble Time-- Webinars

Hi everyone,

Wow! Bubble is on the rise :arrow_double_up: In the last 3 months, the number of Bubblers has increased by 25%. Like all of you, we are very enthusiastic about the future of Bubble.

We are pleased to introduce our new series of webinars, Bubble Time, to decode the hottest news of Bubble, speak with No-Code & Low-Code entrepreneurs and discuss questions and concerns you may have about the platform.

Save the date! The first webinar will be held on September 24 at 6 p.m (CET)
:arrow_right: Event Link

See you there :wave:



Did you mean September instead of April?

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Yes! Thanks @ralphlasry. I’ve edited my post :grinning:

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[Bubble Time #1]

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure to host the first Webinar from our monthly series Bubble Time. We discussed No-Code, Low-Code, SEO, scaling, Bubble capabilities and more…

Check the transcript of all the Q&A here: https://medium.com/cube-insider/bubble-time-1-the-transcript-cb9f791bc9c6

You can already register for the next date: https://bubble-time2.eventbrite.fr

See you there :wave:

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