🧪 Introducing PDFPotion: Solving the PDF problem

What about vector support and base64 conversion (After generating a PDF file b64 is needed to use in the emails). Many PDF generator here are only focused on raster graphics, Most were not able to provide high quality PDF’s. Any thoughts on templating (Certificate printing, Invoice making etc) with page breaks and vector outputs

This is something I’m still figuring out. Would of course be a massive plus if PDFPotion can play nice with privacy rules but I need to do some more digging before I can confirm one way or another.

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It should be possible to get a base64-encoded string for the PDFs created, but it may not be part of the initial release.

Also, I recently released an update for my PDF Creator plugin that allows you to access a base64-encoded string of the PDF - may be of interest :slight_smile:

Okay, just bear in mind it’s a complete write off for me (and hopefully others?) for almost all use cases if it requires data being public unfortunately


Same, managing page breaks is key for me as well

Sounds great @alexcooney5! We’ve used a 3rd party tool for this, often causing delays of more than 15 seconds until the download button is functional, but would love to give it a test drive and check out what you’ve made. Joined the waitlist :slight_smile:

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Thanks @accounts18!

Good news @georgecollier - looks like PDFPotion will be compatible with whatever privacy rules you set. If the user doesn’t have permission to access to certain data, it won’t be included in the PDF (and vice-versa).


I want to point out that hacking a “run as” with a headless browser logged in as the user in a third-party service just to pretty print some pdf seems like a big security concern for a small return :man_shrugging:

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It’s a fair point @dorilama. It’s not something I take lightly. I will make it clear what’s going on for anyone that signs up to the service.

You may also be surprised by just how painful printing PDFs currently is for a lot of people! :slight_smile:

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Question not answered in full. What about “Vector Graphics”, The output PDF is pixelated when exported using your plugin. Perhaps you need to research on how CraftmyPDF works :slight_smile: Its still scores as preferred choice for high quality premium PDF’s