Introducing the Browser Storage Plugin: Streamline Data Management in Your Bubble Apps!

:rocket: Introducing the Browser Storage Plugin – Simplify Data Management in Your Bubble Apps :rocket:

Hey fellow Bubblers! :star2:

I am thrilled to introduce my brand-new Browser Storage Plugin , available now on the Bubble Plugin Store. With this powerful plugin, you can easily store and retrieve data in the browser’s Local Storage, making it a breeze to manage user preferences, session-related information, and more across page loads and sessions.

To kick things off with a bang, we’re excited to announce that we’re offering FREE support for the first 15 days to all of you wonderful users!
:free: FREE Support via call for 15 days! :tada:

Key Features:

  • Store and retrieve data effortlessly in the browser’s Local Storage.
  • Use unique keys to identify your stored data for precise retrieval.
  • Simplify data persistence for user preferences and session-specific information.
  • Designed to be user-friendly and seamlessly integrated into Bubble applications.

Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Installation: Simply install the Browser Storage Plugin into your Bubble app.
  2. Workflow Integration: Access the plugin’s actions and expressions in the workflow editor.
  3. Storing Data: Use the provided actions to store data in Local Storage with unique keys.
  4. Retrieving Data: Fetch stored data using corresponding keys through plugin expressions.

:link: Demo Editor: Check out interactive demo here.

:globe_with_meridians: Demo URL: Explore the plugin in action at this link.

If you have any questions or run into issues with integration, feel free to reach out to me for assistance. I’m here to help you make the most of this fantastic tool.

Let’s simplify data management and enhance user experiences together with the Browser Storage Plugin. Try it out now and give your Bubble app an upgrade! :rocket::globe_with_meridians:

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What makes this different from all the other ones? Why would we pay for this and not use the other free ones that do the exact same thing?

Did you search for plugins like this before making this and trying to charge people for it?

Not the plugin police, just looking out for the community.


Thanks for reaching out and raising these valid questions.

I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I appreciate your concern for the community.

Allow me to shed some light on what makes the Browser Storage Plugin stand out and why I believe it offers value even in a landscape with existing free alternatives.

My main focus when designing the Browser Storage Plugin was to ensure simplicity without compromising functionality and adding unnecessary extra code in app while to achieve this functionality did not need.

You’re absolutely right in noting that the plugin landscape can sometimes be challenging for users, even when dealing with free alternatives. This is where my dedication to support comes into play. My aim is to provide a level of assistance that goes beyond simply offering a plugin. I’m here to guide, teach, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during installation and usage. I understand that sometimes a helping hand can make all the difference in making your project successful.

At the end of the day, I’m not just offering a tool – I’m offering a partnership. I’m invested in ensuring that your experience with the Browser Storage Plugin is not only feature-rich but also frustration-free.

Your concerns and questions are appreciated, and I’m here to provide the clarity you need. If you’re looking for a solution that combines simplicity with dedicated support, I believe the Browser Storage Plugin is a strong contender.

Thank you for sharing your perspective and questions. Your concerns are valid, and I genuinely appreciate your dedication to the community’s well-being. If there’s anything else you’d like to know or discuss, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Good job writing code but you’re selling ice to polar bears here I’d say.

Nice work tho!



Thank you for your candid observation! I appreciate your honesty. While it might seem like “selling ice to polar bears,” my intention is to offer a solution that not only meets the needs of those who might be familiar with the concept but also simplifies the process for newcomers and ensures a smooth experience for all.

Your insight is valuable, feel free to share more of your thoughts—it helps me in refining and improving what I bring to the community. Thanks again for your input!

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