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Introducing the Bubble Ideaboard

Weird… I was able to see them when you initially wrote the forum post, but the push right after messed it up.

Ah, I’m happy to see that RG is high on the list for people. RG is by far the most problematic component of Bubble in my opinion! (apart from the responsiveness engine of course :wink: )

@johnny and others - how’s that tab looking for you now?

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Ah yes! It’s back!!

I guess this one can be closed?

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Hi, the new tabs are helpful, but unless I am missing something, have you removed the function where it pulls up already submitted ideas when you type a new idea? Without that, I think you’ll get a lot of dupes, especially since there is no way I can find to search the existing idea list.

I think you may also want to manually go in there from time to time to merge identical ideas and remove ones that are implemented, to keep the list as clean as possible.

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For people to remember:


@allenyang, to echo what @loh.cher.e was saying, it may be useful to list only the top, say, 5, ideas by vote count, and then randomize the order of the remaining ideas so that newer submissions (which will have no upvotes) aren’t buried on the bottom.

The current setup orders ideas by vote count. Displaying them this way can easily defeat your intention of getting a pulse on what the Bubble community wants since newly added ideas that may be very good will rarely or never get seen.

For example, this feature request for tooltip customization that I’ve seen talked about many times in the forum only has one upvote. It’s place in the list is 499th… I was scrolling for about a minute to get to it.

This actually gets me thinking… in your next version of this idea board, you should include a way for people who use the forum to reference to the idea so that…

  1. you don’t get a million submissions for the same feature request, and
  2. so that forum users can share a link to the idea for direct upvote when people bring it up in the forum.

Make the idea board native to the forum

Here’s my alternative suggestion which you may hate… blow up the idea board, and implement that upvoting logic right here in the forum the same way the ghost community does it.

This is made possible by the Discourse Voting plugin which is actually made by the folks who built this forum software. The one downside to this approach is that it may still be some extra work on the administrative side to sort out which ideas have the most upvotes. However, according to that discourse thread, that solution is in the works.

The advantages are numerous

  • Search and discovery. This forum is one of the most vibrant, helpful, and positive communities I know of on the Internet. All of the action is happening right here… This is the first place we come to for questions about how to get something to work, whether it works, or whether it exists at all. Speaking of whether something exists at all… I’m on here all the time and didn’t know there was an idea board until today.
  • Ease of participation. Incorporating the feature request mechanism right hear is the most natural way to get engagement… more so than redirecting someone to a separate idea board url.
  • Expressive/Descriptive The forum already contains tools that allow us to easily upload mockups and organize our thoughts. Heck, I’m debating the idea of an idea board right here right now.

Oh… I like this idea a lot! I already love the forum, no custom development needed, and we get to co-create the roadmap.

@allenyang what happens when an idea gets implemented? Do you guys cross it off the list? Do you let the submitters know? Have any ideas from there been worked on yet?

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Have any of the ideas have already been implemented?

How about adding Bubble Roadmap?

Hi everyone, just wanted to follow-up and share that we recently launched some updates to the Ideaboard. Feel free to check it out here!

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how do i navigate to the idea board without having to come to the forum and clicking on the link in this post?

yes, but from there i dont see the link or button

Sorry guess it didnt link properly, you can navigate to the ideaboard directly at

ok so i manually have to enter it in, which is fine. there should be a link from the home page or from the forum page or something. right now you have to search idea board in the forum and then click the link in the post.

technically thats not navigating to, that IS the idea board. but its fine.

Oh I see what you mean.

CC: @sam.morgan

Please someone add to the ideaboard: “Link to ideaboard links to ideaboard”

Is there a way to know which other idea my idea was merged onto?