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Introducing the Bubble Ideaboard

Hi all,

Feedback from our users is incredibly helpful for us as we make decisions about what to build next for Bubble. Even if we don’t immediately build a feature, we take note of how much demand there is for it - we promise!

To that end, we’re introducing the Bubble Ideaboard, a page where you can submit your ideas for features we should work on. As you start formulating (typing) your idea, you will see similar ideas that others have submitted so that you can upvote an existing idea to show your support for it.

Although we can’t promise any timelines for any of the items on the Ideaboard, this quantitative data does enter into our roadmapping decisions.

Please give it a try!



Thank you! We really needed this. :blush:I will start adding now, I have a bout 1,542 ideas I will be submitting. JK. :joy:But really, good idea. :+1:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Are we supposed to be able to ‘Upvote’ an idea an unlimited number of times? I think I just upvoted the Rich Text editor enough for a large family :joy:


O boy. Populating the idea board is going to be really fun!


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Okay, great initiative and really hoping these get looked at over on the next hackathon.


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Hum, I can’t submit ideas using the form, even with the 2 inputs filled in…

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A bit surprising, since it seems like some others can (given how there are new ideas).

Couple questions to debug:

  • Are you logged in?
  • Are you on web or mobile?
  • Are you clicking on the ‘Submit’ button? (There’s logic to prevent submitting by just hitting ‘enter’)

Thanks, @allenyang. Really great idea. Is this now the preferred method for submitting feature requests? IOW, should we no longer submit them via email or a “bug” report as we were instructed to do in the past?

Finally! Idea for the ideaboard: Give users a way to view/upvote ideas without having to search for a feature

Logged in, mobile, submit button doesn’t respond

The same

Well done guys ! :grin:

It will be good, if the submission having transparency as similar ideas will be suggested by many & bubble will require much effort to find the “Similarities” in those and sort it according to the timelines…and end user will not have any “Idea” on its status :slight_smile: . Some of the ideas are currently given in Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions

cool initiative.
i would have liked to just vote for the best ideas. Currently have none of my own.

Deployed a new version - I think this should fix the issue on mobile!

Yep - this is now the preferred way for feature requests. Thanks!

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@allenyang I’d recommend adding an image uploader to this - Many of the ideas I’ve proposed in the past come with images that help to give context to my mountains of text. :slight_smile:


Might it make sense to lock the idea forum and redirect would-be posters to the new IdeaBoard instead? I can see it being a bit confusing with two idea “bins” now. It might also cut down on redundancy and wasted effort.

The one feature I’d like to see added to the IdeaBoard - in addition to the ability to attach images as suggested - is a simple browse function with the ability to sort by date added, date modified, and popularity (number of votes).



Are we supposed to be able to see what others have submitted. I’m on mobile and can only see a submit option.

Also when clicking the link it redirected me to the bubble home page. Only after logging into bubble on my mobile and then clicking the link could I access the submission page. I think it would be a good idea to remove the redirect and just prompt users to login.