Introducing User Generated Style Variables

Great news :slight_smile:

Agree…to easy to constantly complain and lift the bar and that only creates a negative feedback loop to the Bubble team. This shows they are listening and delivering and that is a great sign


@manasi, what’s the intended behavior when an element having user-defined style variables is copied and pasted from one application to another and the target application doesn’t have the same (or any) user-defined style variables?

I ask b/c things currently seem rather buggy in that regard. The user-defined color variables of the pasted element are empty, and attempting to edit the colors results in dual picker madness…


Bug report submitted.

No worries.
I know they are shipping features regularly. But for me that feature didn’t seemed that important compared to others - maybe I was wrong.
I already spent my time giving them feedback directly to product managers and I hope they will listen to their users/customers.

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Thanks for the report! A fix for this should be out shortly which indicates that you have a missing token but still functions.

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Nice. But the variables for colors still need to be changable using Dynamic data!

Please add for us to make color tjenes controlable in the app front/backend.


You can use soapy plugin for that

Esta atualização me ajudou muito, extremamente útil!

@nick.carroll @manasi

Is it possible to add in the function to allow us to delete the pre-installed color variables and/or edit the name and description? Reason being is the pre-installed names and descriptions are not likely what most users, at least I don’t, would want the variables to be named which, for me for sure, causes confusion when attempting to select them.

If we can not edit them, at least being able to just delete them and create our own, similar to the way the pre-installed styles themselves can be deleted or edited.


Its something we can look into. The issue with deleting any of the default variables is that it will “break” any of the default styles/components which would cause issues with newer users. There are ways around this ofc, but that is why we started off the way we did.

Thanks @nick.carroll

If the idea of ‘breaking’ the default styles which use the default variables is an issue that might be difficult to work around, I wonder if the simplest solution would be to allow us to edit the title and description of them.

Definitely excited to have the feature as is, but would be a ‘clutter clearer’ to be able to edit and/or delete defaults.