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Inventory item ownership history

Hi all

I am trying to solve the following:

  • My app is an employee database for HR people
  • In this app, you can also register items in an inventory, such as a phone, laptop etc.
  • The point is for a small company to see all its employees, and all it’s assets, in one place
  • I would like to log the ownage history of each item, so that you can not only tell which employee owns each cell phone, but also who used to own it. In addition.

Item: iPhone 7
Petter: 11/11/2016-12/11/2016
John: 12/11/2016-15/11/2016

My solution
Data type: Item
Item name

Data type: Employee
Employee name

Data type: Item ownership

Data type: Ownership date range
Item Ownership
Date range

In my head, this would solve it, but it requires two extra data types, which just seems a bit heavy to me. Does this seem like an ok solution, or do you have any in mind that would require less database power?

I would suggest you have the date range on the Item Ownership as a date range field.

But I think then you are going to wonder about the date range of the current owner and what the “to” date is ?

Might be tempted to split our current ownership from historic ownership.

Data type: Item
Item name
Current Owner : type Employee
Current Owner Owned From : Date
Previous Owners : Date Type : Ownership History - List

Data type: Employee
Employee name
Currently Owns : Date Type : Item - List
Previously Owned : Date Type : Ownership History - List

Data type: Ownership history
Date Rage : type Range

So when you switch owners you add a new Ownership history for the previous owner, and the item’s Owned From and todays date. Then add that to the Previous lists on Employee and Item.

Thank you. I agree it makes sense to split it, yeah.

I’ll try this out and let you know how it works out!