Invoicing system quick example

Hey guys,

Not sure how useful this is but I have seen a lot of people asking questions about generating invoices so though I would whip up a really simple and easy to build invoicing system. It includes a few simple features including:

Invoice naming
Invoice counting
Invoicing ID’s
Invoiced payed Yes/No

Here’s the link, hopefully it can help a few people.




This could be better by ensuring the random id field is unique.

Hey @danielowega ,

Thanks for the response it’s nothing too fancy and I really just made it so people who are new to Bubble can have a quick overview of how something seeming advanced can be done pretty simply. But I did up the string to 8 so I think that should make it a little more unique.

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What would be the best method to ensure a random id field is unique?

Thanks for this! New on Bubble, about to start building some similar things so great to look at.

–oops- meant thanks @burnsadam123 :slight_smile:

Something like this perhaps

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