Ionic slider - track color not changing

Hi Bubble,
I can’t get"track colour" option for the Ionic Slider to change the color of the track.
The slider color stays the same regardless of which option I pick (e.g. “Black” or “Positive”).

Is there a setting I need to use to enable the changing of the colour?

Thank you,

Are you on Chrome? It’s a bug with the last version I’ve seen, seems broken on Ionic’s website as well. Safari works fine for me.

Hi Emmanuel - yep I am on Chrome but I also just tested it in Safari and get the same behaviour (no change in colour).

Did you check their site? We use exactly their CSS.

I looked for their site but could not find slider.
Closest I got to was this:$ionicSlideBoxDelegate/

But tbh it is not that important. I’ll check it again in a few days - perhaps it is only temporary.
Thanks for checking.

So the Ionic Slider is still not working in Bubble in terms of the Slider Colour on Chrome.

It is fine on the Ionic Website on Chrome just not Bubble sites.

Edge shows you a number on the slider “handle”. Firefox Quantum shows nothing, like Chrome. It looks good on Safari.


Any progress on this in the last 2.5 years? I’m pretty new to Bubble and am experiencing this problem in Chrome, Safari and Opera - ie, no color on the slider of the Ionic Range. Strangely, the Ionic Toggle works fine.

I’ve just come onto the forum to find out why the slider just doesn’t seem to work with me. Nothing is written to the database.

Hi @socialrepublic what do you mean nothing is written to the db? is there a fix for this?

Hi @aleem it’s a non-issue for me now. I just tried it on an app and it works fine. Must have been a late night. [blushing]

Hi @socialrepublic it’s not working for me (Desktop - Chrome/Safari or Firefox) at all #Frustrating! Where there any conditions you had to set to get it to work for you?

Hi @aleem nothing special. I got caught out with autobinding and the parent’s thing information not being complete, so I am sure to check that the record to alter is obvious to bubble. … and the other thing to check out is to look at all the settings for when autobinding is on and off to ensure harmony there.

But with all that said, I’ll say that I don’t use the Ionic slider anymore as I use the default one - it’s good enough for my needs.

So weird. Even after setting up a value in the database, along with autobinding, I’m getting no color change at all.

Anyone else experiencing this or have this figured out?

Hi there, still not working the color?