iOS Style List/RG Drag to Delete [WORKING ... ALMOST]

HI all you experienced bubblers. In particular a call out to @david2 @seanhoots @jarrad @romanmg because your answers to the questions of others have allowed me to get my app to the stage I have done. I’ve got a challenge for you.

Despite being a non-developer and only being trialling bubble for over two weeks, I’ve managed to emulate iOS slide to delete and it works pretty well. See video at the link and note that the areas with the dashed borders are my left and right drop zones.

So far so good but now I’ve come to the tidy up phase I’m lost. I can’t seem to find a way to allow a user to tap the list entry to open a new page because the draggable group is draggable not clickable. And, I do not understand responsive settings well, and ‘relative to coordinates’ in the draggable group, to make this work on all screen sizes. I’m sure there is a straightforward fix but after a day trying I know it’s time to ask for help. Anyone out there think they can help?

Happy to share the app and perhaps it will let you experienced bubblers make a plug-in or video training. Appreciate any help I get. Thanks in advance.

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For those interested, I got the tap to open a new page working alongside the drag/slide to delete. I simply grouped the RG cell content inside the drag-able group (so outside group drag-able, inner group tappable). But, that was when I discovered why others are probably not using this approach, it is almost impossible to distinguish between a tap to click, and a tap to hold and drag, and it seems to depend on how quickly the user reacts. So I had to abandon the idea for now. Hope this saves others losing time attempting this.

Now working at [WORKING] Swipe/drag left to reveal buttons (Fully Responsive)