IP Ban User From Website

I been trying to make a IP Ban for my Website but do not know how. Can Somebody help some help. Please and Thank you!

  • Jake

Hi Jake,

  1. Install the ‘iphiphy’ plugin
  2. Collect user IP’s using the plugin
  3. Add a banned IP data type and restrict access based on it

Let me know if you need further help…


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So I did Step #1! But Am a bit Confused on 2 & 3! Am Kinda new to Bubble, So can you try to explain a little bit more clearly? Thanks!



So you can add a data field to the User data type : “IP”

Then, on sign up (or somewhere else) you’d want to collect the Users IP. So add iphiphy to wherever on the page and collect the Users IP in the workflow.

Then, I’m not too sure of your process for banning Users… but you’d have a data type called banned IP’s and add IP Addresses you want to ban.

Lastly, you’d add events on your pages such as "Page is loaded and Banned IP’s Contains Current User’s IP … do X (Log them off? Navigate to a different page? Etc.)

Something like that!

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Hi Tal,

Well I am still Cconfused on this. Here is what I need Hhelp again with:

What Type of Dataa Type?– For The 1st & 2nd One

What Event Do I trigger? – [Custom Eevent?] [Plugin Event?] [iphiphy Event?] [Page Is Loaded E vents?]


(Sorrsy if I spelt something wrsong or you do not understand it. My PC Keyboard jst goes Crazy.)

Hi Jake -

Go ahead and watch our IP Address tutorial at Nocodify.com. I think you’ve signed up for an account. It’ll help you understand how to ban IP Addresses…


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Welp, am poor. Am going to just try to figure it out, Thanks for trying to help me tho!


Hey Jake,

To help clarify a bit;

  1. Under the tab “Data”, you should find the “User” field, on the “User” field tab.
  2. In the “User” tab you should find a list of values, Bubble calls them “Things”.
  3. Create a new thing called “IP”, set it to be “Text”.

The next step is to add a user’s information to your database.

  1. Go to the Sign Up page or the page the user signs up on.
  2. Right-click the button for submission and click on the option to create a new workflow.
  3. This will take you to the “Workflow” page and create an on button click function.
  4. Click on the “Add a New Action”
  5. Click on “Account” and “Sign the User Up”
  6. Add all the fields you want to collect during the sign up, example; Username = Input username’s value
  7. You’ve got your user’s IP.

If you don’t want a user to be able to sign into their account if they’ve been IP ban, I usually just add a condition to the login and sign up.

But what if I wanted to IP Ban Them from a repeating Group?

You can place a button in a RG, create a workflow for it, instead of “Account” go to “Data”, click on “Make changes to thing” and do that.