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IP lockdown for Bubble

Hi Team,
Do we have any way to limit access to Bubble or bubble app by IP( like firewall).

Do you mean blacklist to give a bit less of your processing to certain giant mass-marketing crawler/scraper bots? Or whitelist to only allow certain schools etc?

I agree it’d be handy to be able to setup this filtering.

Yes whitelist for certain school IP address or something like this.

Team Bubble might be able to help with server-side tools, for limiting access to the entire app.

On a page basis, you could use the ipiphy plugin or similar to capture the user’s IP address and do something with it.

Note 1 the plugin returns the server IP if run in a workflow, the user’s IP if run from the page, or something like that.

Note 2 its very easy to get this wrong, considering IP ranges, IP spoofing, VPNs, etc.

Does anyone have a comprehensive guide on how to do this yet? I find this very important…

Bumping this. Would love a way to protect the site.