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Is a Goal functionality

I want to add a feature where a user can track their goals. For example, a user says that they want to work out 5 times a week. The app will track their progress by showing a tally.

Can Bubble accomplish this?

You could definitely accomplish this in Bubble. I believe you could have two data types: “User” and “Goal”. Within the User data type, each User could have a List of Goals. Users could create new Goals within the application. The Goal data type could contain fields such as “Name of Goal” (Text) “Percentage Completed” (number) “Consecutive Days” (number) “Completed” (Yes/No). After the data structure is set up, you could then decide how exactly a User could improve their Percentage Completed number in order for a User to get closer to reaching their goal (once the Percentage Completed number reaches 100, for example).

@fayewatson Is the List of Goals a “multilist” or “text”?

The field could look like this in the User Data Type: