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Is anyone noticing a lag when uploading files?

The preview for file images seems to be delayed by 30 seconds +, anyone else having this issue?

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Now the preview is ready…

Screenshot - 2021-09-13T171226.239

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It is happening to me as well as of this morning. Seems like a delay with upload / download speed of images from AWS database

Definitely a lag. We need to report this.


Yes, will you make the report? :smiley: There’s even a delay previewing images, I’m working on a project management app that fully relies on images/videos.

Perhaps a wake up call to perhaps use our own dedicated hosting for these images.

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Not only uploading, but even making calls and even making simple API workflows is excruciatingly slow for me. For example, something that takes 1-2 seconds normally is now taking me 30+ seconds.
This has only started happening since 2 days ago, and it’s on and off.
Is this happening to anyone else as well?

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Experiencing this for the last 5 minutes.

Even the actual URL and preview file are extremely slow and not matching once uploaded :sob:

Sent a bug report just now

I sent them an email. Hope they figure it out. I host all my videos on Vimeo so I don’t have an issue with those.

I am now seeing it on the status page:

Yeah I think it’s an Imgix issue, I got an email from their statuspage

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Using imgix as well :cry: