Is bubble down today? Our website is loading too long

Hi bubble, our website seems to be loading very slow from this afternoon onwards. It is affecting some of our clients so not too sure whether you are experiencing these things also? And then how to tackle this issue?

Everything seems fine to me! It could be how your app is set up, have you checked out @petter’s performance guide: The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance - the new edition is out (now 210 pages!)

We have been facing this issue too. I had put another thread of same effect but there was no reply: "Sorry we ran into a temporary bug" and autorun.run_once timeout

I also reached out to Bubble Support but no answer yet!

all fine for me

Hi guys , thanks for the response . Seems that it went back to normal after yesterday ( very weird :thinking:, but maybe is because I wrote to the support ) but thanks for the help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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