Is Bubble down....?

What in the world is going on? Are people’s apps going up and down?

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I’m having problems accessing my data.

This is crazy… been having troubles for this whole evening…

RG’s not accessing anything.

Time to get some coffee

Our system, Afterthought System is fully down.

Not able to access at all.

Nothing on the status page yet


Anyone else?

Yep my service is also down. …

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This is a long one…

Happened before?

My app down too :frowning:

Not in a while, last time was in October I believe

Mine is back up but VERY slow

This can be fixed soon right?

It looks to be back

@eve @DavidS any explanation for this?

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Oh yea it’s back.

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Hello folks! We were making some upgrades to our AWS instance that caused a bit of trouble; this downtime reflected on our Status page. If you’re still seeing issues, let us know at!


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