Is Bubble experiencing problems at the moment?

I am getting a pop up saying “Sorry. We are having a temporary issue loading application data. Please try again in a bit.” and it’s been doing it for a while now, but there is nothing I can find on the forum about an update or similar.

Does anyone know if this is just me or a wider issue?

I’ve been bubbling like crazy for the past 4 hours or so with no hiccups.

That was happening to me a couple days ago though. It went away after a few minutes.

Yes - I’ve had it before for a few minutes - but this time it’s been around an hour so far. I will complete a bug report.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi Nigel - did you have a comment? Any help appreciated. I have logged a bug report, but no reply as yet.

Ugh that’d be frustrating. Did you try switching browsers or clearing your cache?

No, it went away very quickly. I was getting an error in the data tab.

Cleared Cache. Tried in Edge. No luck. Hopefully my app is still there! Does anyone know how long a response to a bug report normally takes?

shared plan uses other servers than dedicated, which one are you on?

Everything was working expect selecting page in editor (left top corner) and checking (right top corner)

  • cleared Cache = worked. :))
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