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Is Bubble experiencing problems at the moment?

I am getting a pop up saying “Sorry. We are having a temporary issue loading application data. Please try again in a bit.” and it’s been doing it for a while now, but there is nothing I can find on the forum about an update or similar.

Does anyone know if this is just me or a wider issue?

I’ve been bubbling like crazy for the past 4 hours or so with no hiccups.

That was happening to me a couple days ago though. It went away after a few minutes.

Yes - I’ve had it before for a few minutes - but this time it’s been around an hour so far. I will complete a bug report.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi Nigel - did you have a comment? Any help appreciated. I have logged a bug report, but no reply as yet.

Ugh that’d be frustrating. Did you try switching browsers or clearing your cache?

No, it went away very quickly. I was getting an error in the data tab.

Cleared Cache. Tried in Edge. No luck. Hopefully my app is still there! Does anyone know how long a response to a bug report normally takes?

shared plan uses other servers than dedicated, which one are you on?