Is bubble planning on creating a snowflake plugin? Https://

Is bubble planning on creating a snowflake plugin? Snowflake is a data cloud that has many data providers whereby you can query big datasets that are curated for you, it seems like a natural fit!

Hi, I found your question about supporting and noticed no has replied.
I am new to bubble but am planning to develop plugins for data driven machine learning so other app developer on bubble can make use of them.
I checked the website and found it may be a perfect fit as a data source for the plugins I plan to release on the marketplace.
I have sent a message to asking for access to there data and hope to implement this source in my plugins.
Let me know what you are specifically trying to do, and how best I can accommodate your needs in a plugin implementation.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon

You could post an RFP requesting a plugin developer wrap the Snowflake API in a Bubble plugin.

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Looking into this as well. Have you looked into the Snowflake API? It seems to indicate you can access and update the your data there. I have not yet gotten there but this came up in my research & app planning process.

Here is what I am looking through if it helps: