Is data comparison possible in bubble?

i haven’t got coding skills, i am fully open to learn what ever is necessary to create this type of data comparison, i would appreciate any advises you can offer, tools needed, skills, or what ever you think will help me achieve this data comparison app

i hope someone can help me, the problem is this:

I have my database with more than 1000 objects, so type is objects, then each object has 3 fields, height, width, depth. I have layout a 3 inputs (for the 3 dimensions), and a button to start a search for similar objects. I want to show the results on a reapeting group.

THE PROBLEM is the sorting method, i would like to show similar objects but giving a priority to each field, example:

Reference object: Z is 12x24x15

database objects:
Y is 13x22x17
X is 12x5x7
W is 9x24x15

The order that i would like to see would be Y, then W and the last X. i´d like to give priority to height, so why is X in the second place if it has the exact height of the reference? because the other two dimensions are not similar at all to the reference objects dimensions.

So, is it even possible to make this type of data comparison within bubble?

thanks in advance for the time to read my problem and sorry for my english …

In your example, you could achieve what you want by calculating the total volume and then doing a comparison.

Ref = 4320
Y = 4862
X = 420
W = 3240

Thank you for the quick reply.
Is not quite right i could have an object like 20x20x11, which volume would be 4400, very very similar to the reference object 4320, but the object won’t be similar at all.

But you really pointed me in a good direction, and i thought of doing something like this to express the the priority, height multiply by 10 plus width multiply by 3 plus depth multiply by 3, the result would be like this:

Reference 237
Y 247
W 207
X 156
And the 20x20x11 object 293

That is a really reasonable order, but i know there will be a extreme cases in which the object will be very diferent.

:tada: Really appreciate your help, it made me go from impossible to i will be able to do it within bubble.:tada:

Is there any other approach, different to do it some maths with the number to extract a new field with the value and then compairing it with the reference?